Foto Chef Massimo Martina
Massimo Martina studied at the Scuola della Cucina Italiana in Milan, and he attended Italian and international workshop. In 1999 he started the restaurant Il Fiorile, a first quality restaurant lying among the most astonishing and green hills in Piedmont. Over the years his cookery attract the attention of the best gourmets and guides.
Seven years ago his way took an international direction, collaborating with producers and exporters of great gastronomic specialities: through his experience he met UIR, Union of Italian Restaurateurs, and this incrased his foreign experience. Martina is called to present the best restaurants all over the world: Malesia, Far East, United States, and he has even been called from the ultimate center of the universe, New York City. That’s because the place you come from makes anytime and anyhow all the difference, even in a big metropolis.

Guide, gruppi e associazioni

Scent, colour, flavour and fragrance, freshness and genuineness: a great product doesn’t require complicated elaborations, because a great product make the dish by itself. Being Italian means this as well: extract wisdom and originality out of eart’s humors and of the seasons which follow one another, being ablento select, just using your instinct, the raw material which will leave a mark.

A typical Piedmontese cookery, but outside the outlines: elaboration is mostly reduced, products are respected and exalted through cooking; this way the masterpieces of the Piedmontese cuisine, namely the agnolotti, the bagnq caöda, the hazelnut cake and the old-fashioned’veal with tuna sauce escape the banality, change dimension, filling, experiment new fragrances and propose through new and intense sensations a taste of italy.


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